niedziela, 27 listopada 2016

Crontab with iptables

I created a small code in bash to check for any new requests in Apache's logs. Found IP(s) will be blocked by iptables.

sobota, 26 listopada 2016

Basics of ARM/MIPS malware analysis

On one of my honeypot's I found an interesting log line, related to some URL-encoding. I was wondering what's there if I will be able to decode that GET...

Windows logs in PowerShell

I was wondering if anyone of you remember the zap2.c :) I couldn't find "zap2.c for Windows" so I was wondering if I can do something like that... in PowerShell... in Windows... ;) This is what I found:

wtorek, 8 listopada 2016

Playing Winamp

After a while when I started to fuzz Winamp (again), I found my old directory with some (about ~300 files) results, all ready to ‘check them later’… so I think ‘now’ is a good time to do it. Let’s get to work.