sobota, 29 października 2016

HTTP Server fuzzing with Burp

In the middle of time I was working on some HTTP server fuzzer created in python. I was wondering if I can get similar results when I will use only Burp proxy. Below example results.

poniedziałek, 24 października 2016

niedziela, 23 października 2016

Playing Assasin's APK

In the middle of time I was checking some sample malwares from excellent Contagio’s Blog.  This time I decided to get back to APK files. Below you will find small analysis of Assassins_Creed.apk.

Playing with Contagio

(Still) during my „little break”, I found some directory on my disk with few samples from excellent Contagio’s Blog. I decide to check few of them, this time related to web attacks. 

Testing Meld vs PlumeCMS

TL;DR – check Meld for diffing source code. I think you will like it ;)

Crash gdb in Kali

Couple of few days ago I tried to finish one cool CTF (writeup will be here as soon as I will finally finish it;)). Because I had some troubles with that, I decide to take a ‘little break’ and move to “something else”, which was… debug in Linux. ;)