środa, 25 września 2019

Crashing WebAccess/HMI Designer

During last week one of the cases was to run fuzzer with some new software to find some new bugs. This time I decided to check WebAccess/HMI Designer (version Below you will find the details...

piątek, 13 września 2019

Crashing FortiGate VM 6.2.1 - httpd

After (some about) 6-8 months today I finally found a moment to go back to the idea I discussed with a friend ('Ścisła Dieta Homarowa' aka. 'Tylko homary Team' ;)) and "check those VM image(s) for (few) popular 'network appliances'". That's how I tried to play with my good old friend - Fortinet. :) Here we go...

niedziela, 1 września 2019