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Smash The Tux 1.0.1 CTF Writeup - 0x00

First stage of SmashTheTux CTF. Thanks 1ce7ea and Vulnhub!

Let's install VM and start the first challenge:

Check README and the whole $HOME directory:

Good. Let's check now 0x00 challenge:

Ok, so it looks like a standard overflow (randomize is set to 0, so it should be easier):

So we've got a crash (remember strcpy? Let's find a shellcode to try here:

Thanks ShellStorm ;) Running again to get the RET:

Ok, retest:

No we see our 'A'-shellcode:

Retest with new values and real shellcode:

So, 0x00 is done. :)

If you want more, definitely check g0blin's writeup. Excellent job man. Thanks!

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