niedziela, 23 października 2016

Testing Meld vs PlumeCMS

TL;DR – check Meld for diffing source code. I think you will like it ;)

During some source code review I was wondering if diff<link> can be done with GUI. And that’s how I found very nice app, called Meld. Big thanks for the author!

To grab some results I decided to find 2 versions of one of popular CMS – Plume.

For the  testing purpose I tried to “diff” those two versions: plume-1.2.3 and plume-1.2.4.
Below you will find few results of how you can find (sometimes silently) fixed bugs. Both found during session with Meld:

Checking both files:

Cool :) Next example, file: xmedia.php:

Same story. Now check your own source code(s) with Meld. ;)




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