wtorek, 21 lutego 2017

LinkedIn scam changes

Due to the fact that I found some weird behaviour on LinkedIn, my accounts will not be available any more. See some screens below for more details.

Two days ago someone from Sweden asked me for a CV. It's nothing new on LinkedIn but this time HR-recruiter was a a different: live at Sweden but email address was from Poland... I decided to check the details of the account:

When I saw this, I decided to check the photo of the guy too. I uploaded it to Google and that's how I found someone else:

I decided to answer for the message of "Fredrik":

In the middle of time, when the LinkedIn Security Team was involved in the case I received a fast response from "Fredrik":

So yeah, as you can see, guy is still trying :) I hope that my case will help you to be more safe on LinkedIn. I decided to change the name and the photo of my account and this is the email I received from LinkedIn:

Yeah, and the PIN to your credit card too please... ;]

So from now: if you want to reach me, drop me an email or ping me @twitter.
I will not use LinkedIn any more.


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