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Crashing nmap 7.60

As you probably know sometimes I'm trying to play CTF's from VulnHub. During one game I found that nmap 7.60 (default install on Kali) is acting "weird" (read: presenting SIGSEGV ;]). Below you will find few details...

I will not tell (publicly for now ;)) the name of the CTF I played when the bug was found, anyway, maybe you will find it usefull:

I started CTF VM and decided to scan the machine using nmap - results:

It was a good time to use ulimit -c unlimited and start the nmap again:

As you can see - core file was generated. Cool. :]

Let's see those 'results' from the gdb-perspective (bt full):

Registers during the crash:

Current EIP (x/20wx $eip):

Maybe you will find it useful. ;)

As a little hint I can only tell you that if you will set an 'IPS/IDS/honeypot/service' like the VM CTF is configured - it will probably 'crash' the brain of your scanning-attacker ;)

If you will have any comments/questions - feel free to leave a comment below or drop me an email.



"nmap" was informed 15.07.2018 about this behaviour. No response to this date.

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