wtorek, 28 sierpnia 2018

Featuring Trac

I was wondering what's new on Bitnami and if there is any new VM I can try. There is! :) That's how I found the Trac VM. Below, just a quick story from that webapp and the 'feature' ;) (not a bug) I tried to exploit there... Here we go.
*Other cases described for Bitnami on the blog you can find (for example) here.  

VM prepared by Bitnami (thanks!) is ready to download - here.

Checking the links available after you will be logged-in I finally got the 'Admin' with the 'plugins' ;)

This should be enough to try to prepare a small script (to upload our 'new plugin' - so scenario is pretty simple and obvious). Checking:

Looks good, python version:

And... ;]



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