środa, 7 listopada 2018

Crashing LibreCAD 2.1.3

In the meantime I had a moment to run fuzzer against LibreCAD. Below you will find few notes about the crash found in version I tried - 2.1.3. Here we go...

We will start here where you can find LibreCAD:

TL;DR ;)

Version I tried was 2.1.3. As you can see last update is from 2016 but there are still a lot of downloads per week:

So when program is installed (I tried to do that on Windows 7) we can try to use the poc-file:

I opened LibreCAD and then attached it to Immunity Debugger with mona.py on the board.

Poc file was drag&dropped to the open window ('red cross' ;)) - results:


Maybe you will find it useful.


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