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Reading firmware - Fortigate VM

Our mini-lab is prepared so we can try another 'firmware'. This time, somewhere on Google, I found "Fortigate's VM" called "FGT_VM64_VMX-v5". Let's see what's inside it...
I decided to unzip downloaded OVF file on Windows machine first and then copy extracted files to Kali box via WinSCP. We should start somewhere here:

File'em all:

Binwalk'ed 0.img file:

Checking (ls -laR ./):

As you'll see there are few interesting files, for example:

Or few more here:

(There are probably some kind of passwords like 'admin' or 'password' or something like that, so nothing fancy here. Anyway it was cool to finaly see some Fortinet image ready to unpack like this... ;)

...so don't try it here. ;]


*P.S.: If you are more familiar with Fortinet's VMs feel free to ping me. Thanks.

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