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Reading TrendMicro - OfficeScan

When I was googling for some 'new software' (to check it during my simple fuzzing) I found an old installer of TrendMicro OfficeScan. It occurred that we can 'crash the agent app'... Below you will find few more details...

Software I tried was installed on Windows 7 (32bit). Here we go:

(More about the Agent you can find for example here.)

After OfficeScan Agent was installed I decided to check settings available there. (PccNT.exe) Opened from Windows tray and we are here:

As you can see I enabled 'Custom proxy settings' to add there multiple A-letters. Click 'Ok' to see:

I decided to debug this process. :)

(...but because I wasn't able to attach debugger to the target process - pccnt.exe...)

First of all I decided to run OS in 'safemode' to change Image File Execution Option:

(More about it you can check here or here.)

Checking in registry:

Ok, restarting to verify:

Looks good. When we will launch OfficeScan from the tray again, Windbg will be started. Checking proxy settings:

Unfortunately I wasn't able to catch the crash this way.

Next thing I decided to try I found in this book (quote from Google Books):

Ok, cool. In case of "remote kernel debugging" I found multiple hints in this series - if you're not familiar with it yet I strongly recommend you to check it.

After a while we should be here:

Next I was looking for pccnt.exe (using !process 0 0 pccnt.exe in Windbg):

Attach & go:

Because I saw fcWofieUI.dll in the crash-window I decided to ask Windbg to look for it, for example:

More breakpoints:

...somewhere in the breakpoints...:

Now, switch to (fcWofieUI.dll in) IdaPro:

Checking the graph:

So as you can see it should be easier to locate the bug using Reg*-related functions:

Checking the crash once again (this time I used ProcDump):

Checking regedit again:

User is not able to modify regedit value directly but it can be done using OfficeScan Agent ;)

And here (or here) you can find more details about the status code.

Maybe you'll find it useful.


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