poniedziałek, 19 sierpnia 2019

PicoCTF 2013 - overflow5

This time I tried overflow5 from Pico CTF 2013. Below you will find the details...
Let's go:

I started with small payload (200b):

Little surprise - nothing happened... Recreating payload:


 Still nothing... Recreating payload again:

Now looks better:


Now memory looks better:

More to find where to store our NOPs...

...  with shellcode (found on Shell-Storm - thanks!):

 And we should be right here:

Cool. :)

See you next time!


2 komentarze:

  1. On screenshot #6 how exactly is the segfault happening at 0x42424242 while your pattern (generated by poc.py) does not contain such string?

    1. Hi, there was also an 'edit' (via vim poc.py) to generate a `cat 5d` payload. So at this moment I changed it to 42424242. Hope that helps.

      Thanks for watching!